HERMES Annual Meeting 2019 Innsbruck


On 6-7 of June 2019, the HERMES Network held its 21th annual meeting in Innsbruck, organized by the Faculty of Business and Management, Innsbruck University.

The HERMES Network aims to bolster international mobility and Double Degrees among member institutions. At the Innsbruck meeting, a new chairman had to be elected for the academic year 2019-2020: Claudia Tarantola from the University of Pavia was unanimously reelected. Kevin Mac Gabhann from the Business School University of Strasbourg was elected as the new Managing Director of HERMES.  The annual meeting continued with the presentation of a new candidate for the HERMES network: The Congquing University. The University was voted in unanimously.

In addition, the Honoraire President HERMES, Hans Tummers, presents the double degree programme model at bachelor level and The Doctoral Seminar which will be held in Strasbourg. Camilla Fiallo, former HERMES student, presents her experience after the double degree experience and the oportunities and advantages the HERMES background brought to her. Emilio Gregori, a professor from Pavia presents the company Synergia – a professional school for data and social sciences consultants.

The next strategic Board Meeting will be held by The Bucharest University of Economic Studies in Romania and the next annual meeting will be held at the Stevens Institute of Technology in Hoboken, NJ.