“Integrated Rating” research project


“Integrated Rating” aims to find out new techniques to rate the merit of credit inside a Basel framework. The project is managed by Ca’ Foscari Foundation and supervised by Prof. Guido Mantovani.


H.E.R.M.E.S.-Universities Network contributes to the international extensions of the project.


An important team of partners supports this project along with the Ca’ Foscari University: the Treviso Chamber of Commerce, Treviso BCC (i.e. local small banks) Foundation, the local industry associations. All of them participate to the Coordination Committee.


The project was launched in 2013 since the financial crisis revealed the credit restrictions, particularly for small and medium firms. The aim to create an innovative rating model allows:


  1. To evaluate the merit of credit according to long term performances even in a Basel framework;
  2. To fix out the relationships between risk and return of a specific company;
  3. To guarantee objectivity and transparency in the evaluation of risks linked to the granting of credit;
  4. To supports both banks and firms in a more independent way;
  5. To integrate the financial and business evaluation.

Currently the research interests more than 100.000 firms from 10 European and Extra-EU countries.


The last work, titled “Is Basel the right gateway for a more efficient market? An international comparison”, was successfully discussed during the FMA European Conference in Venice 2015, on 12th of June.


To download the updated papers search Guido Mantovani in: www.ssrn.com.


Now, the next important aims consist in the accreditation achievement from the Bank of Italy and the consequent fulfilment of an independent Rating Agency.