Marie-Hélène Brohianne – Co-editor of the Journal of Behavioral Finance and Economics


Marie-Hélène Broihanne is Full Professor of Finance at EM Strasbourg Business School, Strasbourg University.





Her research work focuses both in behavioral finance (individual investors’ behavior) and ethology of human and non-human primates.


Concerning behavioral finance, she has authored the first French academic book “Finance comportementale” and she has published articles in  Finance Research Letters, Theory and Decision, The Journal of Risk and Uncertainty, Review of Quantitative Finance and Accounting, Finance, Bankers Markets and Investors.

Concerning ethology, she conducts interdisciplinary research in decision-making under risk, and on the cognitive development of economic skills for different species (monkeys, apes, humans). Her contributions show that behavioral biases that were found in investors for example, are also observed in children and in non-human primates (Cognition, PLoS ONE, The Journal of Risk and Uncertainty). Her researches were funded by ANR (French Research Agency) over 2009-2012 to study “The biological bases of economic decisions” in a joint work with an international team of ethologists of primates (Max Planck Institute, Leipzig, Germany; CNR, Rome, Italy; St-Andrews University, United Kingdom).

She has been invited as Guest speaker in the Behavioral Finance Workshop, Queen Mary University of London (June 2015) and to the workshop on Risk Aversion measurement in Paris Dauphine University (June 2015). She obtained best paper awards (2004 and 2009) in Finance.

She has been nominated as member of the Scientific Committee of the French equivalent of the Securities and Exchange Commission (AMF) in 2014.

She entered the HERMES network in September 2010 when she was nominated head of the finance track of EM Strasbourg Business School. On the scope of HERMES, she was member of the scientific committee of the Academy of Entrepreneurial Finance in Europe (March 2016).
In august 2016, she was nominated co-editor of the Journal of Behavioral Finance and Economics as proposed by HERMES-Unis. HERMES network also gives her the opportunity to teach finance to international students coming from the participating Universities. This clearly contributes to enhance the Finance track of EM Strasbourg Business School and to achieve high academic standards.