Our Best Double Degree Student (a.y. 2015/2016)


My name is Martina and I have attended my Master Studies at the University of Pavia. I have a passion for economic researching and I have focused my studies on Growth and Environmental Economics. During the first year of master, I was approached by one of my professor with the idea of transforming my master into a Double Degree Programme. It was totally a new concept for me, therefore I understood it as to do “something more than an Erasmus semester”. Well, attend a double degree programme has turned to be much more than that to me!


Firstly, it was an incredible experience for me as a person: I learnt how to deal with obstacles and challenges, I learnt what does it really mean to face life. I chose the programme in English between University of Pavia and the Hohenheim University in Germany, so I had the opportunity to discover a country so close geographically talking, so different in mentality. And I loved every moment of it!


Secondly, it was an incredible opportunity for my career: immediately after finishing the programme, I have received job offers both from Italy and Germany. I am currently working for a private research firm in Berlin and I am starting a prestigious Ph.D. programme in Italy. Would you like to enhance your opportunity for the future? Double Degree Programme is also that.


Thirdly (and lastly), the programme was an incredible chance for networking: today connections and contacts constitute an asset value that cannot be longer denied. I have met some of the best students in the double degree programme and every one of them is now for me a networking reference point, beyond being a friend. What has the Hermes Double Degree Programme left me? The passion for going beyond borders, beyond what looks like and to face what really matters. Different teaching systems, professors’ approaches and university ecosystems represent a training gym for the adaptability and resourcefulness that life nowadays requires.


Do you want to take a step forward? Double Degree Program is what you should look for.