On 11th Sept. 2015, Representatives from Korean ATUS Corporation, Mr. Han Byeol Jeong and Ms. Hee Young Suh visited the School of Business Administration (SBA), Southwestern University of Finance and Economics (SWUFE). Dr. Shilei Yang, Associate Dean of SBA, Dr. Mingfeng Tang, Director of International Affairs Office and Sino-France Innovation Center, Mr. Zhu Jing, Director of Bi-lingual Programme of SBA, Mr. Zhang Zhaohui, Officer of Enrollment office, College of International Education participated in the meeting which was held on Guanghua Campus. The representatives from both parties discussed the enrollment of Korean degree-students, and the plan of expanding enrollment next year.


At the beginning of the meeting, Dr. Yang warmly greeted the visit of both representatives and asked how they feel about Chengdu and SWUFE. Mr. Han Byeol Jeong appreciated the reception from our school and said they would further promote this programme and Chengdu to Korean students. Both parties discussed the details of curriculum, credits and degree related to Korean students. Representatives from ATUS said they would help more students to come to study in SBA next year.


With the increasing of Sino-Korea economic and cultural exchanges, more Korean students want to learn Chinese and choose to study in China. For this programme, Korean students will spend three years in SWUFE and one year in US to get master degree. They will get bachelor degree of SWUFE and master degree of a US university in four years as long as they finish required credits and thesis defence. Dr. Tang hopes the first four students can become ambassador of Sino-Korea cultural exchange and promote SWUFE to more Korean students.
At last, both parties exchanged gifts. Dr. Yang appreciated the support from ATUS and was very confident for this programme and welcomed more students come to study in SBA.




Orientation for 2015 Fall Semester exchange students of School of Business Administration was held in International Reporting Hall, SWUFE at 9:20 am, September 13rd. Dr. Shilei YANG (Associate Dean of School of Business Administration), Dr. Mingfeng TANG (Director of Office of International Affairs and Sino-France Innovation Center) , coordinators of Office of International Affair and project leaders of Korean exchanging program as well as 50 international students from more than 10 countries attended the welcome reception.


Dr. Shilei YANG firstly delivered an opening speech to welcome all the international students. Then, Dr. Mingfeng TANG briefly introduced SWUFE and SBA to help international students know more about our school. Coordinator Ms. Catherine ZHOU and Ms. Haiyan Li then offered detailed information about visa and insurance also reminded international students about the safety issue. At last, ISA members showed more important daily-life tips to help international students to adapt to the life in China.


After the meeting, ISA organized a campus tour to show the students around SWUFE. Then all it took to complete a perfect day was a welcome lunch in Liulin Restaurant. Everyone enjoyed Sichuan cuisine very much. Hope every international student will have an unforgettable exchange experience in SWUFE.




September 14th, Prof. Roman Słowiński, member of Systems Research Institute, Polish Academy of Sciences and professor in Poznań University of Technology visited SWUFE. President Zhang Zongyi, joined by Kou Gang, Executive Dean of School of Business Administration met with him in Tengxiang Building.
President Zhang Zongyi extended warm welcome to the guest from far. He gave an outline of SWUFE, not least Financial Innovation, the first English finance academic journal of SWUFE. “Financial Innovation (FIN) aims to provide a global forum for exchanging innovative research findings across all fields in financial research in the era of electronic business.” Said by President Zhang Zongyi. He hoped Prof. Roman Słowiński’s visit to SWUFE can usher in the cooperation between SWUFE and PAT.
Prof. Roman Słowiński extended congratulations on the 90th anniversary of SWUFE. He hoped the two universities could promote interactions by means of academic lectures and courses. In particular, Prof. Roman Słowiński would like to share his experience as the editor of European Journal of Operational Research, an academic journal of global impact and high quality in promoting FI development.


Finally, Zhang Zongyi issued FI Editing Certificate to Prof. Roman Słowiński.


In the morning of Sept. 28, Vice President of Gondar University Yinges Alemu MUCHE and Solomon Abrha GEBREKIRSTOS and other two representitives visited SWUFE. Gondar University and School of Business Administration (SBA) highly prospected the cooperation between both universities and discussed the cooperation on Dual Master Degree Program. Both parties agreed that this project could be developed by seeking support from government, Embassy and enterprises.


During the lunch time, Vice President of SWUFE, Mr. Shi Daimin invited the delegation of Gondar Univrsity having lunch together. They discussed the frequent exchanges between China and Ethiopia and other African countries and prospected that the cooperation between both universities could promote Chengdu and Gondar become sister cities in the future.
In the afternoon of Sept. 30, Vice President of SWUFE, Mr. Yang Dan met the delegation in TengXiang building. Mr. Yang Dan greeted the delegation and introduced the basic information on Discipline construction, scientific research, personnel training of SWUFE. Then both parties further discussed the Dual Master Degree Program. Both parties said they will work together to promote the smooth implementation of the project. Mr. Yang Dan said SWUFE had more than 200 professors who had oversee Doctor Degrees and could help Gondar University cultivating high-end talents. Mr. Yang Dan also invited students of Gondar University participating 2016 Discover SWUFE Summer Camp. At the meeting, both parties also discussed the possibility of establishing Sino-Ethiopia research center and the Confucius institute.
Gondar University is one of the oldest and best universities of Ethiopia. It is ranked the third among all the 31 universities in Ethiopia. Gondar University is famous in Health Science, Biotechnology Science Tourism, etc. School of Business and Economics is one of the top four schools of Gondar University and has seven degree programs.


For more information: http://gs.swufe.edu.cn/Ehome/school/news/index