The Entrepreneurial Think-Pad – Treviso


The second edition of the Think-pad took place between the 5th and to the 10th of September, organized by the Association Hermés University, in collaboration with the Treviso Campus and H-Farm.

What has the Think-pad been?
It has been a great opportunity for students from all over Europe to study with international finance professors, to meet local businessmen and young startups’ spokesmen and also to take part in workshops focusing on entrepreneurship, which is the theme crossing all these activities.
The event started on Monday the 5th, with a city tour of Treviso, with some members of the Association PiGrecoT: The Entrepreneur Club of Treviso, ending with a buffet and a press conference at the City Hall. The following two days, Tuesday the 6th and Wednesday the 7th, took place classes, conferences and workshops on finance and entrepreneurship.
Moreover, the last two days, the 8th and the 9th, were held in the “incubator” H-Farm  and the new H-Campus, where students had the possibility to deepen themes as digital entrepreneurship through testimony and practical labs, and to see first-hand some of the developing startups.
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The entrepreneurial Think Pad, which took place in Treviso from September 05 till September 09, 2016 was an exciting event for me. I had a great chance to meet skillful professionals, who shared their knowledge and experience with us, students. We have discussed crucial topics, such as: new ways of doing business, formulation of strategies for the companies, importance of co-working and soft skills. Furthermore, we have visited H-Farm, where we have got theoretical knowledge, which was enforced the next day by workshop with start-ups. Many thanks to Think Pad team, who organised this event so professional, interesting and exciting.

Elvira Karipova, Kyrgyzstan
Master in International Business and Economics; University of Pavia

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This year I had the possibility to participate in Entrepreneurial –ThinkPad hold by Hermes in collaboration with Cà Foscari University. It was a really unique experience because we had professors and students coming from all over the world and we could exchange with them our ideas. What was very important for me was the two-day workshop at H-Farm campus because we had to deal with real start-ups projects. Moreover, we had the possibility to meet and work together with start-uppers of that projects, and they could be our mentors for the future. We could learn that also young students like us, that maybe have a great idea, can start their own business. We have to believe in ourselves and risk because our moment is now.

Arianna Spaggiari, Italy
Bachelor in international Business; University of Venice, Ca’Foscari

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This year, in September, I was lucky to be chosen among various candidates to take part in an innovative program: The Entrepreneurship Think-Pad. Being a recent bachelor’s graduate in Foreign Language (curricula in International Politics), I was looking for an opportunity to broaden my horizons and learning more in details what is related to the entrepreneurial spirit, and I found it in this intensive course.
All the lectures and workshops offered gave me numerous hints and ideas to think about and develop. The entire experience was really inspiring.
Thanks to the Entrepreneurial Think-Pad, I had also the chance to get in touch with many different international Professors and experts in this sector.
In conclusion, I would suggest that students participate in this program, as it is a useful chance to build your own network, blow your mind and get inspired.

Chiara Bressan, Italy
Master in HR; University of Bremen