The Institute of Entrepreneurship


HERMES-Universities is a network focusing mainly on education but on research, as well.
Since the Sevilla round (Spain 2014), Entrepreneurship has been chosen as key topic of the joint research effort by the General Meeting of the Member Universities. This choice is coherent with the strategic view of the European Union as reported in the “Entrepreneurship 2020” plan and the Co.SME. program. The Institute of Entrepreneurship (IoE) was created to facilitate and coordinate the research effort. The lands surrounding Ca’ Foscari are considered as one of the inner competitive cluster based on entrepreneurship. This is why Institute of Entrepreneurship has been based in Treviso in a joint venture with the Teofilo Intato Foundation, providing operating and financial support to it.
The global scale of HERMES-Unis makes possible to run research programs comparing the different approaches which underpin the Entrepreneurial spirit internationally. In fact, while the Anglo-Saxon’s approach to Entrepreneurship seems to focus more on (product) innovation, the European’s one is more finalized on finding out process-innovation to update tradition and the Asian’s one concentrate on growth. Some research programs get immediately on the go: (i) Integrated Rating, with about 15 fellow junior researcher involved, which is near to contribute to a University spin-off of a new rating agency; (ii) INEF, is the very first European research program on the topic of Entrepreneurship and Finance, and it is promoted and managed by the Hohenheim Universitaet in Stuttgart, one of the most active HERMES’ member.
The IoE activism attracted the research interests of the Academy of Behavioural Finance and Economics in Los Angeles, CA, which invited IoE-HERMES to develop a desk of the Academy of Entrepreneurial Finance (AEF, their sister Academy) outside US. The agreement was dealt by President Mantovani and Prof. Russel Yazdipour (AoBFE) with the support of prof. Ali Fatemi (De Paul University) and CEO Kreitz. It entitles the IoE-HERMES to run the AEF-Europe Desk at least for the three years 2016-18; prof. Mantovani is appointed as Scientific Director of the Desk while the European headquarters are hosted by IoE. Under a practical point of view, this agreement means to participate to the editorial initiatives of the two Journals of the Academy and to run an annual meeting. As per the Journals, the great research network surrounding the IoE-HERMES makes possible to appoint an international dream team of academics to represent HERMES-Unis into the Journals: Marie-Helene Broianne (EM, Strasbourg) is now co-editor of the Journal of Behavioral Finance and Economics, while Andrea Moro (Cranfield University) is co- and managing-editor of the Journal of Entrepreneurial Finance. Giorgio Bertinetti (UCF, Venice), Hans-Peter Burghof (Hohenheim, Stuttgart) and Hans Landstrom (Lund University) were appointed as key members of the Editorial Board.
But the most exiting happening was the first European Conference of the AEF-Europe which take place on March 2016 in Treviso. It was a big success: key Academics in Entrepreneurial and Behavioural Finance were involved like James Ang (Florida), Ali Fatemi (De Paul Chicago), Giorgio Bertinetti (UCF, Venice), Hans-Peter Burghof (Hohenheim, Stuttgart), Andrea Moro (Cranfield University); V.I.P. from institutions make keynote speakers, like Philip Hartman (ECB, Frankfurt), Dror Kennet (US Treasury Dept., Washington DC), Josina Kamerling (CFA Institute, Brussels), Vladimir Ivanov (US Securities and Exchange Commission). The city open event attracted about 300 people in the meaningful venue of the Santa Caterina Museum, thanks to the auspices of the City of Treviso and the great effort of CentroMarca Banca which sponsored the event. The importance event was not missed by the National media in Italy both newspapers and television which gave large reports on the initiative. The next meeting will be in Stuttgart next March 2017 (see).
The IoE-HERMES initiatives with AEF will be an impressive gateway for the forthcoming HERMES Master of Global Entrepreneurship expected to run by next year. Isn’t this as entrepreneurial as the true Entrepreneurs are? Stay tuned, to our forthcoming initiatives!


Written by Prof. Dr. Guido M. Mantovani

President of HERMES