Welcome our Office Manager


Teresa Guidone, 1991, MSc in Entrepreneurship and Finance at Ca’ Foscari University and Fellow Researcher at UCF Campus Treviso is HERMES’ Office Manager since 2017. She is contributing to upgrade the operations of our association, to implement the five-years action plan adopted after the Limerick round. A critical role is played both in the forthcoming Master of Entrepreneurship and the research initiatives at our Institute of Entrepreneurship in Treviso (Italy). As the youngest active officier in HERMES, she is completing the generation spread into the 20-years old association.

Teresa’s contribution to HERMES-Unis started two years ago as President of “PiGrecoT: the Entrepreneurial Club”. The Club made a strong support to HERMES initiative like the FMA Conference in Venice and the AEF-Europe Conference in Treviso.