University of Pavia – Economics & Management

University of Pavia – Economics & Management

Founded : 1361

Faculties : 2

Students : 25000

International students : 1300

Founded : Dept. Economics and Management

Founded : 1963

Chairs/Full Professors : 64, Courses 1st level: 3; 2nd level: 4

Students : 2600, 350 international students

Programs : 9

Member of HERMES : 2000

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University of Pavia

Chairs/Full Professors: 968
Degree Programs: 55
International Double Degree agreements: 32
The University of Pavia (UNIPV) is a research university, composed by 9 Academic Areas and 5 doctorate Schools (Science and Technology, in Life Science, in Engineering Science, in Humanistic Science, in Social Science), which registered around 25.000 students. It participates in 337 international agreements with universities all over the world, and especially it collaborates in cooperation projects with developing countries, research projects with the most advanced international laboratories and organizes Masters and PhD research programs: UNIPV participates on several EU-programmes, such as ERASMUS MUNDUS (Action 1 and 2), FP7, LLP, TEMPUS, EDULINK projects. UNIPV works also on various joint/dual degrees programmes with many European universities. The University of Pavia has dedicated a portion of its international funds and human resources to developing countries through the establishment of the Centre for International Cooperation and Development (CICOPS). Within EDULINK program, CICOPS administrates “Trade and Development Training, Research and Policy Network” project (TDNET) that is aimed at enhancing the capacity of five East and Southern African universities to provide quality training and carry out policy-relevant research on current trade and development issues. UNIPV has collaborated also in those projects: ESAMI Staff capacity building in “Trade policy formulation and international trade negotiations (Arusha, Tanzania)” and “Development of a Master Programme in International Cooperation and Development at Bethlehem University (Bethlehem)” within TEMPUS Programme; International Master Programs (Pavia).
The University of Pavia has for centuries been active in the international academic community, is a member of the Coimbra Group, a network of historic European universities including the Universities of Cambridge, Barcelona, Dublin, Granada, Edinburgh, Heidelberg, Oxford, Prague and others and is a member of Hermes Network

The numbers of UniPavia
Universitas Studiorum since 1361
3 Campuses (Pavia, Cremona, Mantova)
9 Academic Areas:
• Arts and Philosophy
• Economics, Engineering
• Law
• Mathematics
• Physical & Natural Sciences
• Medicine & Surgery
• Musicology
• Pharmacy
• Political Science
95 Programs of Study
9 Degree courses held in English:
Computer Engineering
Electronic Engineering
Industrial Automation Engineering
Civil Engineering for Mitigation of Risk from Natural Hazards
International Business and Entrepreneurship
Economics, Finance and International Integration
Medicine & Surgery
Molecular Biology and Genetics
World Politics and International Relations

26 Phd Programs
1660 graduate scholarships
423 Post-graduate scholarships
28 Research centers
300,000 m² Campus area
627 Student tutors
1 Instructor per 19 students
15 Computer points per 100 students
340 Wireless points in the courtyards and classrooms
4 Historical Residence Halls recognized by the Ministry of Higher Education
A campus with 16 student residence halls in total, host approximately 2,000 students.
130 libraries in the local network, 1,500,000 documents (ranging from books, videos, theses, music
and printed maps to electronic documents).
7 University canteens
389 Erasmus scholarships
119 Phd scholarships
347 Collaboration agreements with foreign universities
A language center where more than 50 languages are studied

Double master's degree programs within hermes