• Founded – 1898

  • Students – 2.600

  • International Students – 390 degree seeking students and 143 exchange students

  • Chairs/Full Professors – 10 chairs/65 full professors, 105 affiliate and invited professors and 87 researchers

  • Programs – 3 Master Degree’s, 1 Doctoral program, 1 MBA, several Executive Degrees

  • Member of HERMES : 2011

HEC Management School – University of Liege With its prime location in the hub of Europe, the HEC Management School – University of Liege (HEC-ULg) has a long intellectual tradition coupled with a corporate culture and links with the business community. HEC-ULg has 2,600 students and 16 research units and centres, which are active across Europe in the various fields of management.

HEC Liège is full EPAS-accredited for three of its programmes: its ‘Doctoral Program’,  its ‘Master in Management’, which offers eight specialisations and its Master in Business Engineering (4 specialisations). HEC Liège is the first management school in Belgium to receive an EPAS quality label for a PhD programme.

HEC Liège maintains and develops a special partnership with business and society. Companies are even involved in managerial decision-making. Over the years, a lot of lecturers from the business community or civil society have been invited to share their experiences with our students. Partnerships with companies and society at large take a range of forms: pedagogical innovation projects (training courses, dissertations, in-company projects, etc.), research collaborations, traineeships, a number of Chairs, and so on. HEC Liège’s strategy revolves around four basic pillars: six selected ‘peaks of excellence’ (Asset & Risk Management Supply Chain Management & Business Analytics Regional Economic Development Tax Institute ) and the creation of interdisciplinary platforms with a large number of partners; the international appeal of its Master’s and PhD programmes, which are taught in English to ensure the multicultural immersion of its students on a daily basis; the international development of the school, aided by its policy of awarding double degrees with well-known universities all over the world; and the consolidation of the HEC Liège community by means of a close-knit and active network of 14,000 alumni.

HEC together

At HEC Liège, students, graduates, professors, staff members and business partners have forged a strong relationship, with a real team spirit.  Working together, each one is committed to developing and keeping alive the fundamental values of the School, such as openness, creativity, an entrepreneurial spirit, and the will to act to improve their immediate or the wider environment.

HEC for ever

The HEC experience does not end once studies are finished. The links made during the 5 years of training are the cement which binds long-lasting and useful relationships with the School and with the members of the Alumni network.  Throughout their professional life, each graduate is an ambassador for the HEC Liège brand: each one takes it forward and showcases it both in Belgium and in an international context.

HEC everywhere

An openness to the international perspective is the DNA of the School.  Our students, our experts, our Alumni can be found all over the world; and the world can be found in HEC Liège: “internationalization at home” is growing all the time and the percentage of foreign students attracted to HEC continues to increase.




The University of Hohenheim is located in the city of Stuttgart and is one of the smallest, most exquisite universities of the German state of Baden-Wuerttemberg. With its large 18th century Hohenheim Palace and its extended historical and botanical gardens the University’s campus ranks among the most beautiful in Germany and offers a unique learning atmosphere.



The University of Limerick was established in 1972 as the National Institute for Higher Education, Limerick and was inaugurated as the University of Limerick (UL) in 1989. UL has independent degree-awarding powers and is one of seven Irish public universities recognised under the Universities Act, 1997. It provides undergraduate and postgraduate programmes to more than 13,000 students.

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