• Founded – 1743

  • Students – 38.000

  • International Students – 3300

  • Chairs/Full Professors – 337

  • Programs – 242

  • Member of HERMES : 1997

The School   of Business and Economics  developed from the Nuremberg College of Commerce, which was founded in 1918.  Since that time, the unique interdisciplinary interplay of business, economics  and social sciences has remained central. In 1961, the College of Commerce  was integrated into the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg as the Faculty of  Business Studies and Social Sciences. Today, the School of Business  and Economics is one of the leading institutions of its type with around 6,000  students, 34 chairs, contacts across the globe and one of the broadest ranges  of subjects on offer at any university in the German-speaking world. Originally  created to combine higher education with real-world experience, the School continues to serve as an  important university think tank and a highly sought after local partner for the  greater Nuremberg  region.

Whether  Europe, Asia, America or  Africa––the School   of Business and Economics  has connections worldwide. With over 100 partner universities in about 40 countries,  the School forms part of an international network. Cooperation with leading  universities across the globe allows our faculty to conduct research across  discipline boundaries and country borders. For students at the School this  network offers them the opportunity to undertake part of their courses at one of the many partner universities abroad  and so to broaden their understanding of other cultures.

As the key academic partner in the region, the School  is closely connected to business and industry both as an institution and in  providing experts. Cooperation with regional and transregional companies from  all branches of industry facilitates the direct transfer and practical  application of research results. This collaboration also contributes to the  improvement of the conditions of research and learning. With funding from four  major insurance groups based in Northern Bavaria  (HUK-COBURG Versicherungsgruppe, NÜRNBERGER Versicherungsgruppe, ERGO Direkt and the uniVersa-Versicherungen) a subsidized Chair of Insurance  Marketing has also been created. Major companies, such as GfK, TeamBank and  MÜLLER MEDIEN support the modernization of teaching and learning facilities by  sponsoring lecture halls. At the heart of teaching and learning are practical  activities, such as business simulations, case studies and talks by experts  from industry, as well as project seminars, field trips, management simulation  games and academic studies of companies. For the best students, an extra dose  of practical experience can be gained through the sponsorship program.  Representatives from companies working both nationally and internationally  sponsor selected students for a year, in order to give them an insight into a  variety of areas of work and to enable them to establish important career  contacts.

The rich and varied research profile of the School of Business and Economics is based within a  global network that draws on local strengths. The interaction of experts from  business, economics and the social sciences produces answers to the key  research questions in the field.




The University of Alcalá (UAH) is a public institution founded by Cardinal Cisneros in 1499. One of Europe’s oldest universities, its influence has been felt both near – it is one of the earliest examples of a planned university town – and far (its articles of constitution have served as a model for various Latin American universities).

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