We are proud of our Double Degree Program!


Assuming that students are our best asset and that future is in their hand, we believe they should try to do as much as possible to make a change.


During the last few years, Hermes has developed Double Degree Programs through strong agreements between different Universities. These programs aim at preparing our students to handle global development and integration and develop diversity of thought, international competencies and a truly global mindset. After the first year in their home universities, the Double Degree Program offers Master students the possibility to specialize in the same (or in a complementary) field of interest while attending the second year at one of the partner institutions.

Provided that both institutions’ academic requirements have been met, students of the Double Degree Program receive two degrees, one from their home university and another from the partner institution. The program requires the attendance of a whole academic year abroad and an overall involvement up to two years. During this period, students have also the chance to put in practice what they have learned thanks to some internship programs promoted by one of the two universities in which they are enrolled.



In order to add more value to this initiative, thanks to the collaboration with PigrecoT, the entrepreneur club, we are working on an Alumni Association for the former Double Degree students. The plan is to create a web platform in which Alumni and students can interact, build their own network and ask for pieces of advice. Probably, there would be an annual event aim at


Our proposal is to create an annual event, which should last an entire weekend, that includes a social dinner, networking cocktails and prom events, as well as events where alumni can meet entrepreneurs and researchers in a rounding table system (we would like to call these events “Economic Speed Dating”). Initiatives open to Double Degree Alumni and perspective new students in the Program will also be included.


The association should foresee formative, as well as networking, initiatives. On the one hand, conferences on hot and recent topic related to business and economics will be organized, and workshops on specific up-to-date themes will be performed in an interactive way. On the other hand, social events, education visits, training courses will be provided in order to improve participants’ network. In addition to all these opportunities, discount in the price for formative webinar will also be at participants’ disposal.


Soon there will be another reason to take part in this Double Degree Program, stay tuned!